Good For Age Standards

Good For Age Standards

Members of Athletics Ireland, Northern Ireland, can apply for a good-for-age place in the Irish Life Dublin Marathon from Monday, April 15th, to Friday, April 26th.
These places are reserved for members who have achieved qualifying times within a specified period as agreed between Athletics Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Dublin Marathon organisers.
Results from the Irish Life Dublin Marathon 2022 and 2023 can be used to apply.
You will require the following information:

  • Athletic Ireland, Northern Ireland Membership Number (ensure you have the exact details on their database as you are using to enter).
  • You use the race number from the Irish Life Dublin Marathon 2023 to qualify (available on our results page).
  • If you use any other Marathon, a link directly to your result.

Applications will be made via a link on the website.

Entering the Dublin Marathon ‘Good For Age’ does not guarantee a place in the 2024 Irish Life Dublin Marathon. Times will be verified, and you will be notified if you have been successful.

Use the links below for Athletics Ireland members:

Below for Athletic Northern Ireland members:



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