Travel Packages

Travel Packages


T.O.U.R.S. is an association of selected tour operators who specialise in running sports travel. To arrange a travel package to Dublin with guaranteed marathon entry, see the direct links below and the T.O.U.R.S. website

Australia Travelling Fit

Austria Runners Unlimited by Ruefa

Belgium BCD Travel
Belgium – TUI Sports  (non-TOURS)
Canada Marathon Tours & Travel
Denmark Marathon Travel Club

France – France Marathon

FranceSportifs a Bord

Germany Inter-Air

Great Britain Sports Tours International (non-TOURS)
Iceland Baendaferdir
Israel Issta Sport
Italy – Ovunque Running
Italy – Born2Run
Mexico Maratones Y Viajes
Netherlands – Marathons International
Netherlands – TUI Sports
Norway Rogaland Marathon Tour
Singapore Athletes Journey
South Africa Penthouse Travel Sporting Tours
Spain – Marathinez Tours
Spain – Sportravel
Spain – Endeavor Maratones Internacionales (non-TOURS)
Sweden – PWT Travel
Sweden – Springtime
Switzerland – Albis Reisen
Switzerland – Kuoni Reisen
USA Marathon Tours & Travel
All Other Countries Sports Travel International

Destination Sport Experiences





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